About Scott

I'm an artist and musician based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Through my work, I strive to document and inspire evolution in human consciousness towards a state of more love, self-awareness, connection, unity, and understanding. This is sometimes a blissful and beautiful process, and sometimes a tumultuous and difficult one. 

By creating the things that I do, I hope to lead viewers into a remembrance of their higher Self, as well as challenge them to examine their own thoughts and beliefs about what's really going on in this crazy reality of ours.



An artist is a servant to ideas. Our job is to be clear and receptive channels to these ideas, to ask them where they want to go, and to carefully and patiently follow along.

In this spirit, I create windows into an inner world. This inner world reflects, intersects, and permeates the outer world. I explore the ways in which my inner state filters, enhances, and even distorts my experience of reality.

By doing this, I hope to lead viewers into a remembrance of an ineffable truth: that all life is inexorably interconnected, that all reality is in fact One consciousness, and that all matter and energy is spiritual in nature.



Scott is a visual artist, musician, writer, and actor based in Salt Lake City, UT. He graduated from Weber State University in 2007 with bachelor degrees in Musical Theatre and Psychology.  Since then, his focus has been fixed on creating paintings and playing music.

Spirituality and psychology are central themes in Scott’s work. His work, whatever the medium, serves as a dialogue between the relative self and the higher Self, and invites the viewer to reconnect with his or her own divine presence. He explores not only the peaceful and the joyous aspects of this process, but also the turbulent and difficult aspects. 

In 2012, Scott taught English in South Korea with his wife Melly for one year. During this time, he travelled throughout southeast Asia and India. The art, architecture, and culture of Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism left their mark on Scott’s consciousness, and their influence can be seen throughout his portfolio. 

For Scott, art and music are ways of expanding the soul, lighting up the brain, and liberating the spirit. Bridging the gap between the mundane and the mystical, Scott’s work serves as a reminder that the world is much more than it seems. We move and have our being in an energetic ocean of joy and love, which is available at any moment to anyone who can quiet their chattering mind and be truly present.